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Is your business ready for packaging automation?

After completing the factual investigation step, you can make a wise decision for automation. If you share your discovery with any potential packaging equipment manufacturer, they can develop systems based on your product and business target. Automation is a prominent trend, but keep in mind that inappropriate, investment in automation must have financial significance for your company. If you have new ideas for automation, the following six signs can indicate whether your company needs to be automated.


Sign 1 – Increased production demand

Do you constantly malfunction? Can your current production method meet customer needs? Choosing the right packaging automation device can help you improve production efficiency and provide services to large contracts.

Sign 2 – Increased labor cost

Employee safety of the workplace is a key issue, especially in harsh environments. Food processing or manufacturing work usually means working in wet and cold workplace. Health problems caused in unfriendly environments and repetitive motion damage caused by physical labor are the main causes of absenteeism. In the long run, the absenteeism will increase your artificial cost and reduce efficiency.

Sign 3 – Competition intensifies

Your company may need to have similar sizes or low cost labor from overseas Company competition. Automation is a good selling point. It indicates to your customers, you can provide products or services in a lower cost and higher quality than foreign providers. This may be a big advantage, especially when calculating the time and cost required for transportation.

Sign 4 – New market and new opportunities

If you are a company that produces a product for a industry, then you may face one Tough choice: extend to the new market or closed. If cheap products from overseas threaten your survival, you should consider automation and expand production to the new market.

Sign 5 – Washing too much AutomationYou can support you to reduce waste materials, reduce the amount of waste, and the decision to waste energy for lean production goals. A flexible system can save material waste and reduce production time.


Sign 6 – Demand for Ultra Precision Assembly

The assembly space today is getting smaller, which has produced demand for the accuracy of human ability. Especially in the electronic field. In addition to electronic products, this trend also affects the assembly of automotive parts, household appliances and surgical equipment. Decides that the automated packaging process is a major step. In order to achieve this goal, you will need a trustworthy partner. Yanmao intelligently is committed to developing an automated packaging solution that meets the unique needs of our customers. If you are considering automated bag, carton packaging, palletizing, packaging, packing, packing or production line, please get quotes, then start automation!




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