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Packing box printing machine (packing bag printing machine)

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What kind of production equipment is needed to make cartons?

The equipment needed are paper separator, printing slotting machine and binding machine. The money depends on what kind of equipment you buy, new or old. Generally speaking, it takes about 1 million yuan to buy equipment.

1. The carton factory has some large ones and some small ones. Take the equipment of the large carton factory, for example:

Large carton equipment a corrugated board production line will cost tens of millions, plus some miscellaneous things, about tens of millions. A medium-sized carton factory needs about 4 sets of production equipment.

There are also some senior operators and technicians, and some small carton factories can produce cartons as long as a nail machine, so the carton factory is not easy to run.

2. If you make ordinary cartons, you need some equipment. A corrugated board printing press and a nail box machine will do.

Carton packaging equipment is a carton molding machine, box opener refers to the automatic completion of unpacking, forming, bottom folding leaf folding.

At present, the lower part of the tape is pasted, the box board folded into cardboard is opened, the bottom of the box is converted according to a certain procedure, and sealed with tape and transported to the special equipment of the packing machine.

Automatic carton forming machine and automatic box opener are assembly line equipment for automatic opening of carton, automatic folding of lower cover and automatic sealing of bottom tape. The machine is all controlled by PLC+ display screen, which is very convenient to operate and is an indispensable equipment for automatic scale production.

Extended data

Carton (English carton or hard paper case): is the most widely used packaging products, according to different materials, there are corrugated cartons, single-layer cartons and so on, there are various specifications and models.

There are three and five layers commonly used in cartons, and seven layers are rarely used. Each layer is divided into inner paper, corrugated paper, core paper, tissue paper, tea board, Kraft paper, and corrugated paper for core paper. The color and feel of all kinds of paper are different, and the paper (color, feel) produced by different manufacturers is also different.

It is usually used as a wrapper or article to protect the outer layer of a commodity. The volume of cartons varies with the size of the goods. Cartons usually have a variety of patterns or text tips, such as “handle with care”, “fear of humidity”, “upward”, “stacking limit”, “afraid of sun”, “moistureproof”, “quality and safety”, “no tumbling”, “do not trample”, “pay attention to fire prevention”, “fragile items”, “green environment”, “afraid of heat”, “food”, “prevent odor” and other patterns or text tips to remind users to pay attention. To protect the contents from harm.

As an indispensable part of modern logistics, packaging carton undertakes the important responsibility of containment, product protection and beauty, and the physical performance index of packaging carton becomes the basis of its quality evaluation. The stable working environment ensures the accuracy and reliability of the test data, and there are senior engineers who have been engaged in carton testing for many years to test and analyze the package. to provide fair and scientific test data for packing box suppliers and users. TTS also provides supplier material selection, tender evaluation and other projects for a number of well-known enterprises.

Reference materials Baidu encyclopedia cartons

What are the brands of packaging printing machines

1. Heidelberg

Heidelberg China Co., Ltd., ten brands of die-cutting machines, ten brands of stamping machines, ten brands of printing machinery, well-known brands in Germany, one of the leading solution suppliers in the printing media industry, and one of the largest complete sets of printing equipment manufacturers in the world.

two。 Gaobao KBA

Koenigbauer Printing Machinery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., ten major brands of printing machinery, large international enterprises, world-famous printing press manufacturing and suppliers, global leader in metal printing press industry, one of the most famous suppliers of newspaper printing press and commercial web printing press in the world.

3. Komori KOMORI

Komori Co., Ltd., Komori Printing Machinery (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., ten major brands of printing machinery, founded in Japan in 1923, large multinational enterprises, world-renowned printing press manufacturers, committed to providing users with professional manufacturers of high-performance printing presses.

4. Northerners

Beiren Group, the top ten brands of printing machinery, Beijing famous trademarks, Beijing famous brand products, China’s top 500 machinery industry, China’s special printing equipment industry vanguard enterprises, one of the 520 enterprises supported by the state, well-known large-scale printing machinery manufacturers at home and abroad.

5. Big clan Guanhua

Liaoning Dazu Guanhua Printing Technology Co., Ltd., the top ten brands of printing machinery, the supplier of a full set of rapid printing solutions, the famous R & D and manufacturing base of offset press in China, and the leading manufacturer of high-end offset press in China.

6. Man Roland

Roland (China) Co., Ltd., the top ten brands of printing machinery, the global leader in commercial printing, packaging printing and publishing printing and related application technologies, one of the largest printing equipment suppliers, and the world’s leading printing equipment manufacturer. synonymous with high quality, high precision and highest reliability.

7. Li you Bixin Ling

Leiyoubi Xinling Printing Press Co., Ltd., formed by the merger of Leiyoubi Co., Ltd. and Mitsubishi heavy Industry Printing and Paper Machinery Co., Ltd., has a complete product lineup of sheet-fed offset presses. committed to the expansion of commodity lineup and the strengthening of development capacity, manufacturing capacity, sales and service capabilities.

8. Mid-range

Jiangxi Zhongjing Group Co., Ltd., a well-known printing machinery brand, was founded in 1958. Jiangxi famous brand products, high-tech enterprises, printing and packaging machinery production enterprises integrating research and development, manufacturing, sales and service.

9. Changsheng

Jiangsu Changsheng Group Co., Ltd., the top ten brands of printing machinery, was founded in 1952. Jiangsu famous trademarks, Jiangsu famous brand products, high-tech enterprises, trustworthy enterprises of printing press product quality under state supervision and random inspection. China’s leading large-scale precision machinery manufacturing enterprises.

10. Gauss GOSS

Gauss Picture and text Printing system (China) Co., Ltd., Gauss GOSS, a global manufacturer of large-scale drum offset press, the top international high-end offset press, mainly for newspaper plates, books, commercial printing equipment and flexible printing equipment research and development, production and sales of high-tech enterprises. For more related printing machinery brand rankings, please refer to the printing machinery industry market research and analysis report released by the China report Hall.

What aspects should be considered in the purchase of carton digital printing press

How to choose and buy carton printing machine

With the continuous improvement of the level of printing science and technology, the varieties of printing presses on the market have been diversified, and some of the equipment structures also have some post-processing production functions. it can be said that the current printing press manufacturing technology has become more mature, which has played a great role in improving the printing quality and production efficiency and reducing the consumption of printing production. Due to the different types of printing equipment, its use is also different. The printing press used in carton production must conform to the characteristics of carton products and printing process in order to meet the production requirements and improve economic benefits.

Understanding of the Type, structure and production characteristics of Carton Printing Machine

There are many types and structures of carton printing machines, including gravure presses, flexographic presses and lithographic presses suitable for preprinting carton face paper, as well as multi-functional machines that can be used to finish glazing, hot stamping, silk screen printing, etc., and there are web structures and planeboard machines; more suitable for direct printing of corrugated board, the equipment can also be online to complete slotting, chamfering, slitting and indentation of the flexographic printing machine. The pre-printing equipment of the carton means that before the tissue paper (such as Kraft cardboard or white cardboard) and corrugated board are mounted, the pictures and text on the box body are printed on the corresponding position by the printing machine, and then the printed tissue paper and corrugated board are laminated, and then the finished carton is made by die-cutting indentation and molding with the die-cutting machine. This kind of machine is characterized by high printing efficiency and printing accuracy, and is more suitable for printing high-grade color corrugated boxes for beverage, beer, electronic equipment and other food packaging. The semi-finished product printed by the pre-printing equipment of web structure can be mounted directly into corrugated board on the corrugated line. As there is a certain heating and molding time during production, the use of this kind of equipment can better improve the strength of the corrugated box. The flexographic printing machine suitable for corrugated board printing is printed on the surface of uneven corrugated board, and the ink quality of its printing is obviously not as good as that of pre-printing equipment. in particular, it is not suitable for printing fine dot color products, so this kind of machine is generally only suitable for printing medium and low-end carton products with thick pictures and text.

The basic principles of choosing and purchasing carton printing press

The selection and purchase of carton printing press should be based on the principles of economy, technology and application, so as to improve the economic benefit of the enterprise. The so-called economy means that the investment in equipment should be small, the space for the utilization of equipment should be large, the number of operators used in the machine should be less, and the production cost should be low, which is the basis for improving economic efficiency. From a technical point of view, the products with relatively fixed layout, large printing quantity, large printing area and thick ink layer should be printed by gravure press, which is helpful to improve the printing quality and production efficiency of tissue paper. For the products with rich color of printing layout, the layout with large printing area, the products whose layout is colored by dot, and the products with variable printing quantity, lithographic press can be used for printing. Products with rough surface tissue materials, simple line plates, lax ink requirements, local text and patterns that need to be changed frequently or need to be reprinted many times.

What kind of printing machine is used for printing boxes?

Packing boxes and color leaflets can be printed by offset press, while corrugated cartons can be packed with flexo machines.

Banners have special machines, banner machines

How to maintain the carton digital printing machine

At present, the carton digital printing press has become an indispensable mechanical equipment for the current paper packaging enterprises. The maintenance of carton equipment directly affects the normal use of the machine, and then affects the production efficiency of packaging enterprises. So, how should paper packaging enterprises maintain the carton digital printing machine?

Let’s take a look at the following details: first, it should be equipped with professional worker operating equipment: professional worker operating carton equipment is the first consideration for enterprises to ensure the normal operation of the equipment. The general professional operators have a certain understanding of all kinds of equipment of the carton digital printing press and are very skilled in operation, which can effectively avoid abnormal downtime or machine damage caused by improper operation. Second, should be equipped with professional maintenance equipment: the daily maintenance of carton equipment should be equipped with professional maintenance personnel, these personnel should do a good job in daily equipment troubleshooting, at the same time analyze and record the operation of each equipment. In addition, enterprises should also pay attention to the regular training of these personnel to improve their management awareness and maintenance skills of carton equipment. Third, the maintenance equipment should be overhauled regularly: enterprises must regularly repair and maintain the safe and reliable carton equipment according to the operating instructions, especially those equipment parts that are damaged or damaged, should be replaced in time, so as to effectively prevent the occurrence of carton mechanical equipment failures in advance and avoid frequent downtime of the equipment. In addition, in the process of carton equipment maintenance, we should also pay attention to remove the dust and dirt on the equipment. Fourth, we should pay attention to the working environment of the equipment: enterprises should put the advanced carton digital printing press in a good environment with good ventilation and suitable temperature, and at the same time pay attention to moisture-proof, moisture-proof, avoid equipment rust and so on. All in all, understanding the above content is very helpful for paper packaging enterprises to better maintain and maintain high-tech carton digital printing machines. Here, it is also suggested that when purchasing the most reputable carton equipment, some paper packaging enterprises should not only pay attention to the quality, technology and word-of-mouth of the equipment, but also understand some specific maintenance methods of carton equipment from manufacturers.

This is the end of the introduction of box printing press and bag printing press. I wonder if you have found the information you need? If you want to know more about this, remember to collect and follow this site.



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