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Packing box sealing machine (automatic box sealing machine packaging equipment)

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What is the difference between semi-automatic sealing machine and full-automatic sealing machine?

The main differences between semi-automatic box sealing machine and full-automatic box sealing machine:

Semi-automatic sealing machine: use a single specification carton for sealing, if you need to replace the carton, you need to re-adjust the applicable size of the sealing machine. It is generally suitable for large quantities of single products with high speed.

Automatic box sealing machine: multiple carton specifications can be used at the same time, and the equipment can automatically adjust the width and height according to the carton size. It is generally used in mixed production.

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What are the matters needing attention in the automatic carton sealing machine

Meiyi Packaging tells you: the carton automatic sealing machine seems to be a very simple packaging equipment, but in fact, there are safe operation procedures and problems that need to be paid attention to. If these places are not paid attention to, it may cause personnel injury.

1. Be careful when installing the tape. Users who have used the sealing machine all know that when installing the tape roll, it is necessary to go through the position of the sealing machine blade, and according to the operating rules, the tape head should be cut with scissors, but many operators directly use the blade of the sealing machine to cut the tape for convenience, but in this way, the operator may come into contact with the blade and may be scratched if not careful.

2. Keep away from the mechanical arm of the folding cover sealing machine. The mechanical arm of the folding cover sealing machine is moving when it is working, although there is a protective device on the machine, but in daily work, sometimes the flow in front of it may need to be operated manually, when the distance between the mechanical arm and the operator is relatively close. if you don’t pay more attention, it may cause injury.

What is the main purpose of the sealing machine?

The box sealing machine is the machine that can seal the box automatically in the packaging production line.

The function of box sealing machine: it is mainly a kind of automatic mechanical equipment to save labor. The unmanned production line can be realized. Inquire about Li Yue Packaging Machinery for details

Whose automatic sealing machine is the best to use?

Light including packing and sealing machine, economical and economical, high stability.

Automatic folding cover sealing machine

Light packaging is a professional equipment manufacturer engaged in box sealing machine and box opening machine.

Full range of models

Mainly include: semi-automatic box sealing machine, automatic box sealing machine, automatic folding cover sealing machine, corner edge sealing machine, e-commerce sealing machine, foam box sealing machine, I box sealing machine.

Stable performance

The company has professional technical and production team, many years of experience, many cases and practice.

Perfect after-sales system

The company has a professional service after-sales system, rapid response, to ensure 24-hour production safety of customers.

High performance / price ratio

Advanced technology and electrical configuration of well-known brands. Reasonable equipment price

What is an automatic box sealing machine

Automatic box sealing machine is one of the components of automatic packing production line. Its main function is to pack the boxed products, seal the boxes automatically and complete the last process of product packaging.

Main components:

Height adjusting mechanism, pressing mechanism, conveying box mechanism, width adjusting mechanism, frame, hot melt adhesive system and so on.

How it works:

After the product is boxed, it is sent to the sealing machine through the conveyor chain (belt, roller) and submitted to the box conveying mechanism. The box belt clamps the two sides of the carton and moves forward. The front short tongue is automatically bent by the tongue pressing rack, and the rear short tongue is automatically bent by the tongue holder when the carton enters the supporting roller of the sealing machine, there is a detection signal (photoelectric signal) to inform the action of the tongue cylinder, and there is a signal to inform the glue melting machine to spray glue automatically. The carton continues to move forward, and the left and right long tongues automatically bend to the middle through the guide bar, while pressing the box mechanism belt, pressing the left and right long tongues of the carton synchronously, so that the box, tongue and glue are glued together to complete the sealing and shaping movement. that is, the last process of product packaging-automatic sealing.

What can the sealing machine do?

The sealing machine is mainly suitable for the sealing and packaging of cartons, which can be used not only on a single machine, but also with an assembly line. It can also be used as a packaging assembly line with carton forming and opening machine, packing machine, labeling machine, baling machine, pallet stacking machine, transportation and other equipment.

This is the end of the introduction of packing equipment for packing machines and automatic sealing machines. Have you found the information you need? If you want to know more about this, remember to collect and follow this site.



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