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Photo of the Reducer Model Daquan (Guomao Reducer Model Daquan)

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What’s the model of the reducer?

There are too many types of reducers, first of all depends on which industry you use, such as food machinery, environmental protection machinery, iron and steel metallurgical machinery, paper woodworking machinery, chemical machinery and so on. There are models in all industries. Secondly, the reducer has gear transmission, needle roller transmission, worm gear and worm, etc., and the gear transmission is divided into soft tooth surface and hard tooth surface.

The models I have learned are four series of gears (K.S.F.R) and YCJ, U series, and ZDY.ZLY.ZSY reduction gearbox. The second is the cycloidal needle reducer and the planetary reducer and so on. Each series of reducers are divided into their own models. There are too many models depending on which model you need. Shandong Zibo has an Jifu reducer, Bleeger reducer, Liuhang reducer and so on. Personal opinion.

What types of deceleration motors do you have? How to choose?

1. First of all, the type selection of the deceleration motor is related to the deceleration ratio. If the belt speed is known, the rotation number of the belt roller can be obtained, but it is also necessary to know the diameter of the roller. The rotation number of the belt roller = the belt speed / (roller diameter * 3.14); then calculate the rotation number of the output shaft of the reducer = the rotation number of the belt roller * (the number of iron wheel teeth / the number of reducer teeth) Then the deceleration ratio = the rotation of the output shaft of the reducer / the rotation of the input shaft (PS: the rotation of the input shaft refers to the standard specification performance table of gear reduction motor below, generally 1450rpm), thus determining the deceleration ratio.

2. Secondly, the type selection of the deceleration motor is related to the installation mode. According to the machinery used in the deceleration motor, it is determined whether it is horizontal installation or vertical installation. According to the installation mode, there are generally the following two types (GH horizontal and GV vertical):

3. Thirdly, the type selection of the deceleration motor is related to the motor power and the shaft length of the output shaft. generally, the medium-sized deceleration motor has 75W/100W/200W/400W/750W/1500W/2200W/3700W, and the large deceleration motor has 3700W/5500W/7500W/11000W/15000W. According to the mechanical conditions used, the power and the length of the output shaft are generally 18 axes, 22 axes, 28 shafts, 32 shafts, 40 shafts, 55 shafts, 60 shafts, etc., and the axle length is mm.

Finally, the model is determined according to the installation mode, deceleration ratio, power and shaft length, such as GH (horizontal) 22 (shaft length)-400 (power)-60 (deceleration ratio).

You need to do your own calculations when you have known data.

Model meaning of reducer: 1.WB120-DL2/17-0.75kw 2.RV63-20-0.75K

[machine reducer] I’ll give you the parameter diagram of the worm gear reducer and see for yourself.

Reference picture

I hope I can help you!

This is the end of the introduction of the model Daquan picture of the reducer. Thank you for taking the time to read the contents of this site. Don’t forget to look up the pictures of the Guomao reducer model Daquan and the reducer model Daquan.



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