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Semi-automatic can packing machine (automatic can packing machine)

A list of the contents of this article:

How much is a food packing machine?

The price of the food packaging machine is about 30,000 yuan to 40,000 yuan each, and the expensive one is tens of thousands of yuan. The prices of different types of food packaging machines are not the same. As far as the category is concerned, the scope of use can be divided into: household and industry; according to the state of the product, there are liquid, block and bulk packaging machines; according to the packaging function, there are inner packaging and outsourcing packaging machines; according to the packaging industry, there are food, daily chemical, textile and other packaging machines; according to the packaging station, there are single-station and multi-station packaging machines; according to the degree of automation, there are semi-automatic, automatic packaging machines and so on. From the general situation of packaging machinery in the world, the more scientific classification method is to classify according to its main functions, which can grasp the essence of things. For more information about food packaging machines and prices, you can consult Foshan Nanhai Dikai Machinery and equipment Co., Ltd., thank you!

I want to make a drink! Start the small factory! How much does it cost to have a can can production line?

Can can filling production line, only screw cover and labeling can? This kind of fully automatic production line is about 100,000 yuan.

It is mainly for the packaging of all kinds of prepared slices and scented tea.

How to distinguish the quality of the packing machine?

The quality of the packing machine depends on the following points:

First, whether it is a professional manufacturer, there are only a few domestic packing machines that do well, such as Shanghai Yuzhuang.

Second, whether there is a sound quality control process

Third, whether there is a perfect after-sales service system


The most important thing is to consult a professional manufacturer.

How much money will be invested in a whole set of bottled beverage production line?

This problem is the same as buying a car. How much is a car? there are cheap ones, good ones, bicycles, electric cars and cars. The range is too wide. Specifically according to your requirements, your product characteristics, as well as your packaging and so on. Generally speaking, the smaller ones can be done by 500000, and when the market is good in the later stage, the equipment can be added.

Several kinds of machinery and equipment used in beverage factory

+ Beverage machinery / beverage filling machine

. Pure water filling machine (three-in-one unit)

. Fruit juice hot filling machine (three-in-one unit)

. Aerated beverage filling machine (three-in-one unit)

. Mineral water filling machine (three-in-one unit)

. Granulated orange beverage filling machine / four-in-one unit

+ Beverage production line

. Glass bottle triple cap production line

. Production line of pure water and mineral water

. Fruit juice beverage production line

. Aerated beverage production line

. Can production line

+ barreled water production line

.5L barreled water production line

.5 gallon barreled water production line

+ Water treatment equipment

. Ultraviolet sterilizer

. Ozone sterilizer

.RO reverse osmosis device

. Hollow fiber ultrafiltration

. Filter / filter

+ Juice Beverage Auxiliary equipment

.CIP cleaning device

. Spray cooler

. Bottle sterilizer

. Insulated storage tank

UHT ultra-high temperature sterilizer

. Vacuum degassing machine

. Homogenizer

. Syrup filter

. Blending pot / sugar pot

. Pre-treatment equipment for fruits and vegetables

+ Auxiliary equipment for aerated drinks

. Sugar dissolving system

. Cold drink water tank

. Carbon dioxide filter

. Beverage primary mixer

+ Beverage packaging equipment

. Shrink film packaging machine

. Inkjet printer

. Heat shrinkage labeling machine

. Automatic labeling machine

+ bottle blowing machine system

. Plastic machine

. Fully automatic one-drag-two bottle blowing machine

. Semi-automatic one-drag-two bottle blowing machine

Who knows how much a whole set of bottled beverage production line will cost? We all need that equipment.

First of all, the venue, how large and how large a factory, such as 2000 bottles of drinks or water per hour, the minimum factory requirement is 800sq. really, it is not possible to make do with it.

1. Water treatment. Reverse osmosis is about 40,000 to 60,000.

2. Filling machine. If the demand is 1000 pieces per day and can be produced overtime, the rotary filling line of 1000-1500 bottles per hour will be sufficient. The better quality set is no more than 150000.

3. Equipment materials and key components. In order to be durable, the equipment must be made of 304 stainless steel. In addition, pipes, valves, pumps and so on need to be better used.

4, if it is PET bottling, the back of the bottle, cooling and other facilities.

5, a half-ton coal boiler, plus installation and retrofit, etc.

6. The height of the plant is more than 4m and the area is more than 700 square meters (one line).

7. Pure production equipment can be acquired at about 350000 to 400000, but now auxiliary facilities are more expensive, such as plant renovation, personnel disinfection facilities, cleaning workshops, laboratories, etc., which is estimated to cost 300000 yuan for insurance.

In addition, the rent and petty cash also need to be prepared at least 300000 yuan.

9. Therefore, it costs at least 1 million yuan to set up a beverage factory that can make a stable quality and maintain its survival.

10. It should be noted that once it is set up, there is no turning back. Investors in small beverage enterprises often only focus on the investment cost of equipment, ignoring the late costs and time costs such as supporting facilities, start-up costs, declaration of QS, customized moulds, packaging design, plate making, recruitment, training, trial production and so on. Formulate more than two sets of plans and emergency measures and implement them cautiously.

I hope my answer can help you to invest carefully.

This is the end of the introduction of semi-automatic can Packer and automatic can Packer. Have you found the information you need? If you want to know more about this, remember to collect and follow this site.



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