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Some issues that must be considered before purchasing flow packaging assembly line equipment

From the entire process of packaging pipeline equipment, the overall planning of packaging pipeline equipment is very harmful to the comprehensive economic benefits of the packaging pipeline equipment. The overall planning of the packaging line equipment project is based on the company’s business guidelines and overall goals, fully considering the production and development trend, scientific research, new product development, environmental protection, security, ecological environment protection and other levels. It contains project investment in the well-approved management authority, according to the feasibility plan of investigation and safety engineering, which integrates the current equipment work ability and self-funding, etc., clearly proposes that the well is based on the provisions of the provisions of the regulations, and the legal audit approved project investment, and the company upgrade, In companies developed by the renovation scheme, the long-term packaging assembly line equipment financing plan.

Some features must be taken into account by purchasing packaging pipeline equipment:

Packaging pipeline equipment cooperation: Under very likely, newly purchased equipment should be related to the company’s current equipment in spare parts supply, maintenance, and actual operation, etc. Also equivalent or similar, saving staff management, armor, etc.


Packaging pipeline equipment applicability:

In the increasingly complicated and fine today, many equipment only have auxiliary equipment in supporting facilities. Can be fully utilized. Therefore, when picking up server devices, the supporting facilities and usage of the auxiliary equipment are key elements, especially for mobile phone software that uses increasingly universal CNC machine tools, if she lacks the mobile phone software, this device is not enough. Used.

Easy to install adjustment:

This is usually very easy to be ignored . Solve the installation address of the device in front of the purchase device. For some large and medium-sized equipment, it is also necessary to investigate the transport line to select the suitable, easy-to-install packaging line equipment.


New purchase packagingTailing wire equipment is harm to the current standards: purchase equipment, especially when purchasing more excellent, fine, complicated production flow water line equipment, should take into account its harm to the current standard manufacturing machinery. For example, when purchasing an automated unpacking machine or a full automatic palletizing machine, there is no doubt that it will be harmful to the production plan, the production plan, the institution of supervision staff, etc., etc. It should be given a review before the purchase of equipment.

Packaging pipeline equipment spare parts supply: When the device must be repaired and replaced due to grinding or a common fault, the spare parts will become complete. Can you restore the key elements of the production manufacturing as soon as possible. Thus, considering the supply status of spare parts when purchasing equipment, especially in the import device.


Production manufacturers after-sales service and delivery: Considering the reputation and supply cycle of supply manufacturers when picking up the packaging line equipment. The packaging line equipment for the manufacturer of ensuring that the manufacturer of the manufacturer has been purchasing the reputation degree and the supply cycle is more peaceful. In addition, the standards of manufacturers to show installation, regulation, personnel management and after-sales maintenance services should be inspected, and equipment operations with excellent after-sales maintenance services will be fully guaranteed.



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