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Stacker fork brand (ranking of stacker fork manufacturers)

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How to choose the stacker?

Can choose the mechanical stacker produced by SCM Group, automation system, their stacker equipment is quite complete, the main mahros series are: multi-station stacker, single / double loading function stacker ⌄ automatic system machine, fully automatic stacker mahros runner, Flexstore el 3-axis automatic stacker, plate rotary machine, automatic flipping machine, automatic horizontal conveyor and so on can be purchased according to the needs. Generally speaking, there are several kinds of stacker: according to the number of columns, it can be divided into single-column, double-column and multi-column stacker. According to the composition of the ground track, it can be divided into monorail, double-rail and multi-rail stacker, and according to the number of workstations, it can be divided into single-station, dual-station and multi-station stacker. It can also be divided into single extension position, double extension position and multi-extension stacker according to the access fork structure. When choosing which kind of stacker, it is best to consult the customer service staff of SCM, this brand is more famous, and they are often seen in mechanical equipment exhibitions, and there are also agents in China. It is better to choose after-sales service of big brands. When there is something wrong with the equipment, there is a door-to-door service for technicians.

Which brand of fully automatic stacker is better?

Yios Eoslift stacker is very good, there are many types of stacker series, reliable performance, in line with the highest safety level in Europe, according to the user’s special working environment for special design.

Which brand of electric stacker is better to use?

In recent years, due to the increasing demand of electric stacker in the market, there are many kinds of electric stacker. To put it simply, the electric stacker is divided into station-driven electric stacker and counterweight electric stacker. The following is to introduce several electric stackers produced by Anhui Yufeng Storage equipment Co., Ltd.

Station-driven electric stacker, also known as electric stacker and electric stacker, is a kind of industrial storage equipment powered by motor and battery. The stand-by electric stacker uses a handle to control the rise, fall, forward and backward of the whole car. The door frame of the electric stacker can be designed reasonably according to the height needed by the customer on the spot. The fork of the station-type electric stacker generally uses the cover fork, which is lower off the ground after landing and can be completely covered on the fork foot, which is suitable for forking goods with one-sided pallets. Balanced heavy electric stacker, also known as counterweight electric stacker, this electric stacker has no fork legs, and the body is counterweighed with forked forks, which has the advantage of single-sided pallets, double-sided pallets, field-shaped pallets and Sichuan-shaped pallets, which can be used to facilitate access to goods and reduce the trouble that cross-legs can not enter the space. At present, electric stacker has been widely used in medicine, food, warehousing and logistics and other industries. It is of great help to the transportation cause of our country. Anhui Yufeng Storage equipment Co., Ltd. is also working hard without producing and developing electric stackers that are more suitable for our customers.

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