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5 tips for maintaining the carton packaging machine

Waiting for packaging equipment such as paper box packaging machine, housing and tray packaging machines is critical to its life and performance. Good maintenance means minimizing downtime and maintains lower cost. The correct maintenance plan, sufficient spare parts inventory, and timely upgrade, and manufacturer’s support will provide you with the secret of success. In this way, you can reduce downtime, reduce costs, extend equipment life and maximize profits. Even companies with few special maintenance personnel can achieve these benefits by adopting appropriate maintenance practices.

1. Adhere to preventive maintenance programs

Preventive maintenance is a primary strategy for extending the service life of carton packaging machines. The box machine is like a car, requires regular and regular maintenance to ensure best production. After the packaging machine is installed, it is the most important thing to develop and comply with preventive maintenance programs. Regular maintenance, such as inspection and replacement of wear parts and lubrication machines, aimed to prevent problems from occurring. Preventive maintenance is mainly planned to stop time and the necessary materials, rather than caught off their hands when there is a problem.

Therefore, the main purpose of preventive maintenance programs is to reduce the planned downtime by preventing smaller problems and major disasters. Examples of preventive maintenance tasks include: machine check

Regular monitoring and replacement of loser

Make sure there is high balance component

These maintenance tasks are typically passed from qualified maintenance personnel (with electrical or mechanical skills) Maintenance personnel) Completed in the preset schedule. The most important aspect of preventive maintenance programs is to comply with the plan. Regardless of the mission is monthly, the quarterly or even year-on-year plan is not allowed to have exceptions.

2. Autonomous Maintenance Task

related to the prophylactic maintenance plan In-depth tasks should be based on tasks More relaxed activities are combined. These activities are carried out regularly by trained machine operators. This is done with the help of the list. Provides a small maintenance task per day, weekly, monthly, each quarter, and every two years. These tasks are typically concentrated on basic cleaning and inspection procedures. The operator can be familiar with the machine by repeated maintenance tasks. In this way, they can usually detect any problems before they have visited the planned manufacturer’s technicians. Train your machine operator to become an expert in its mechanical, not just to operate their equipment. In this way, they are your first defense line. Operators should be able to detect abnormal noise, speed, bad movement, and other error messages.

3. Looking for a packaging machine manufacturer with responsiveness


Packing machine or any other packaging machine Every second is important when the fault is faulty. Discuss technical service availability, contact details, and related costs for the packaging machine manufacturer.

A good packaging machine manufacturer will specify a person to answer your phone or email. More importantly, the manufacturer will have remote access and troubleshooting, without having to do unnecessary and expensive live access. Good support includes electrical and mechanical support, but there are more. Support also means emergency services, emergency spare parts, and training in equipment failure. Trustworthy Partners of Packaging Equipment – Suzhou Raw


4. Learn about your spare parts list


After purchasing cartons, packaging machines or palletizers, manufacturers should provide you with suggested spare parts list. This list should be divided into different parts categories, such as high wear, medium wear and low wear parts. The life cycle of high wear parts is the shortest. Moderate wear parts have a longer service life and may or may not fail. Low wear parts will never have to fail.

The stock of the high wear parts is always wise. When your machine is downtime, you don’t want to wait for the manufacture or transportation of the part. In the production time, your machine is shut down every minute is a waste of money..

Consulting the device manufacturer’s list of components required by the hand. The best manufacturer usually maintains strategic inventory of spare parts to support the planned and emergency components replacement requirements. 5. Planning upgrade and elimination

Packing machine, box and tray packaging machine, palletizer and Its operating software needs to be upgraded. Sometimes, it is necessary to replace it when a machine or component is out of place and no longer supported. Packaging equipment does not exclude rapidly developing technologies.

With the packaging machine manufacturer to keep regularly to understand the necessary and recommended equipment upgrades. If you have to phase out a specific device, make sure you will receive a notification. Therefore, it is necessary to develop a plan to upgrade or replace machines, components, or software to minimize downtime. The plan is an integral part of your annual maintenance plan and can be supported by the manufacturer you have selected. Excellent manufacturers will continue to improve and update their machinery, and they have regularly solved the problem.

Bottom line


In the maintenance of packaging machine, please do not be surprised. These strategies can provide reliability, performance and efficiency for your boxer, carton packaging, pallet box and palletircraft. Your packaging machine manufacturer is your most important partner. Choose Suzhou Raw, then rest assured that your device will serve you for ten years.



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