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Yanmao introduces you to the working principle of the manipulator palletizer

Nowadays, everyone is more increasingly incorporated by industrial equipment. This kind of machinery equipment is a stronger to help the company to improve production main force. Today, I have to take you with robot pallets. Machine machine, then do you understand the principle of robot pallet? The basic information below is detailed by the staff of the Tempera Automation Machinery.


The robot palletizer is a main engineering, which can carry out automatic codes that can be fully automated, and can have a number of layers, and the production lines of many processing plants. Can see its shadow. The palletizing robot is generally applied to the production flow lines such as plastic boxes, bags, paper boxes and canned goods. Everyone discusses the principles about it.


The principle of the robot palletizer includes a packaging bag card, testing crawling, palletizing transportation, and pallet providing trays.

1, Packaging Bag Sir: Packaged Bag Packing Bag is sent to the mining machine, using the leveling machine to carry out the packaging bags to the actual operation, put the raw materials to uniformly Full packaging bag, maintaining a bag type; packaging wooden boxes do not have to be flattened.

2, test crawling: combing a good packaging bag arrived in climbing roller, manipulating the crawling roller has a packaging bag (packaging wooden box) above, the robot arrives to the package to the package ( Packaging wooden boxes), the robot extensions the plug to the bag to carry out the stack, palletize in accordance with the set team.

3, palletizing transportation: Stack the bag (packaging wooden box) in accordance with the set good stitching, there is an electric forklift or driving immediately, and the pallet proof process is performed. .

4, the tray library provides a tray: After the palletizing process process, the tray base will increase the entire air tray, leave a tray in the lower side, and the belt conveyor will be the most One tray in the lower side is transferred to the robot palletizing machine, and the pallet machine will put the other empty tray, which is the transportation of one-to-air tray, the robot palletizing machine is again palletizing, and the circulation system has been circulated.


The palletizing robot can be complicated in the natural environment.Under the standard, for example, in the frozen library, use humanity due to natural environment, not only reduce the efficiency of the work, but will continue to enhance the cost of labor, the palletizer is not easy to save. problem.



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