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common problems of automatic I-shaped sealing machine

Automation technology is the word that is often hanging on the mouth, why is this? This is of course a development trend. The company gradually applied automatic sealing machine to replace artificial packaging, it is a very good reflection, and a fashion trend of intelligent enterprises. Understanding companies applying sealing machines understand that the application of automatic traphic sealing machines can not only make packaging small boxes more uncomfortable and beautiful, but also greatly reduce the cost of human resources, in a certain level. High efficiency is also a very large increase in economic benefits for enterprises.

However, in addition to the sealing machine equipment, it is convenient to produce some small problems, if employees can handle the words immediately. It will endanger the production and manufacturing of the enterprise, and the adverse effect is unimaginable. Therefore, when actually operating all automatic work-type sealing machines, you should master our basic problems expertise.

How to deal with the common problem of all-automatic work-type sealing machine?

Frequently faults in equipment is a very common problem, in the application of sealing machine, different common fault solutions are different. Boarding the way to share some simple common fault solutions to everyone.

1, the sealing border has a pleated: resulting in this case due to inconsistency in each of the transmission belts, the box is not in the precise direction when the box is pushed. Simply maintain the adjustment of each drive to keep the box to place the exact direction.
2, the tape is closed after the tape is closed: this situation is due to the case of the cutter, there is a plug, and the La Shenchi is very loose. Simply querying whether the silk on the cutter is very loose.
3, there is a sound in the box: resulting in this situation may be floating on the belt bearing. Simply clear the tidy floating dust and can be smooth.
4, tape derailment behavior: resulting in this case due to the uniform working pressure applied to the box in the box. Just from Start adjusting the spacing between the guide roller.
5, the tape in the box is broken: resulting in this situation, the cutter is extension; Simply lower the direction of the header head. 6, the tape is not separated: resulting in this common failure, the anti-ring is broken. Simply replace the back of the counter wheel.

How to deal with the chain of the fully automatic work-type sealing machine?

If the chain is not Tighten, we can do the tightness you need according to some chains. If it is too strong, it is best to remove a chain. And in the application, we must conduct a reasonable actual operation in accordance with the instructions of the sealing machine, which will also prevent a large pressure caused by the chain. It should be checked first in the work, and each component should be able to conduct itself, so that it can be guaranteed to run everything in the work. If the fully automatic work-type sealing machine runs a little problem, you can try to add lubricant, or is a common grease in industrial equipment. If the standard is a must, it is also able to spray it with its surface.

So how to make the auto-sealing machine to maintain the launch of the hazardous sealing machine can have everything possible, and the richness effect is very good. It will improve its work efficiency, and It is also not more serious damage to the parts of the machine equipment, so that the sealing machine can be used for longer time. Of course, the sealing machine is also very likely to have some other equipment failures, which must be solved in terms of actual conditions. If it is really unclear, it is necessary to find technical professional maintenance personnel.



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