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How the robot palletizer improves productivity

The advancement of technology and consumers have increased the importance of optimizing production and packaging pipeline speed. For most manufacturing companies, the increase is the ultimate goal. After all, the productivity of the packaging line is a core factor in the successful packaging solution for other companies. Without a quick and effective packaging line, the company may find product quality and business opportunities.


[ABB carton palletizing robot
Companies of manufacturing products (especially large and heavy items in boxes or bags, then Place these items on the transport tray) is a candidate for automatic stacking equipment. This is an effective integration method.

The palletizing robot is a product that is organically combined with a computer program. Provide higher production efficiency for modern production. The palletizing robot has a considerable extensive application in the pallet industry. The palletizing robot has saved labor and saves space. The pallet machine operates flexible, high efficiency, high stability, high operating efficiency.

Wikipedia’s definition of the stacker is a machine, which provides an automated device that puts the goods or product box on the tray. The key components of the robot palletizer are … Robots. The robot is controlled by a computer or electronic program to enable it to perform its own tasks.


What is a robot palletizer? The robot palletizer is launched in the early 1980s, which has “EOAT” (EOAT), can grab the product from the conveyor and place it on the pallet. EOAT is usually custom designed to process one or more specific products. The robot palletizing system can allocate and transport pallets, in the product feed port meter, and use robotic technology to apply a lining in need.

Other components include transporting the product to the robot’s feed belt, automatically transferring a single tray to the robot’s tray dispenser, and the discharge belt that will be taken from the robot from the robot . These solutions also use automated liners or laminated paper dispensers and security devices such as fences and light curtains. At the end of most palletizing systems, it is an automatic stretch packaging machine. Yanmao intelligence will purchase and integrate large Most tensile packaging materials. The mounting of the coordinate robot using patented technology is flexible and compact. The idea of ​​constructing high-efficiency and energy saving in a smaller footprint has become a reality.



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