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How Yanmao Smart Packaging can help you solve the cost of packaging equipment

How to solve the total cost of ownership

The freight time is short to 30 days The service (MAAS) option can replace the traditional purchase

The industry’s most advanced HMI, With the user-centric design, the web experience can be replicated to achieve intuitive operation

all machines are standard with remote access, LED beacons, width port, CAT-3 and Many other features. 3. Scheme implementation

Now, the collection details, concept solutions are also developed. A good supplier will not miss any of these opportunities, but will develop a reliable process to ensure that both parties have succeeded. Don’t be surprised when you ask cases or product samples. This is a small trouble. This is a small trouble compared with the enormous problem that the request can easily prevent it. Your supplier will evaluate your board of quality, product assembly, a potential barrier point, and verify case handling and product integrity. The professional project manager is increasingly accompanied by each stage of the project and ensures its completion in the budget and on time. They are trained eagle eyes, communication hubs and action promoters. Don’t don’t have an automation project.

Factory acceptance test leading to customers is common, almost any supplier support, however, some companies provide detailed device performance presentation when you purchase machines. Moreover, don’t forget to regular maintenance and maintenance to enjoy high-performance machines in the next few years. Most OEMs provide recommendations, but better OEM establishes responsibility system in their system and supports easy integration into your existing infrastructure.

How to help the Yanmao intelligent packaging system You have implemented

We have a special application engineer, and after the certified project manager and after-sales, service and part team work together to provide their expertise to achieve long-term success


The purchase price includes machine performance demonstration All devices are standardized on Pack ML to facilitate integration and maintenance

HMI has a routine maintenance task alert with responsibility function, easy to customize

24/7 real-time technical service support

FANUC certification service Provider

More than 21,000 deployed assets

Are prepared to improve packaging?

From the box to the packaging, sealing and pallet, it can trust secondary packaging automation experts. Contact us to discuss your goals and automation choices!



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