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The development status of American packaging equipment industry in the food industry

The food industry is used as a large application area of ​​US packaging equipment, and all models and models are applied in the food industry. In among it, tea beverages have a large amount of need for packaging machinery, accounting for 50% in 2005; the food industry’s requirements for packaging machinery are 7% in the average growth rate of 7% in 1994. Always because of the US food industry The annual release of countless new products, thereby accelerating the upgrade of packaging machinery, so the self-owned innovation rate required by the US food industry is in the first place.

The packaging equipment in the United States today is: a power engineering for power engineering and plastic film support for a wide range of electricity and plastic film support, and in the future, microelectronic technology, computer, Industrial robot, full intelligence, image sensor technology and new materials will get more common use in packaging machinery, and the packaging equipment will become automated technology, efficiency and high development trend. Dynamic operation processes are used in a large number of excellent packaging systems, such as PLG machine devices, data acquisition systems use the application of excellent packaging systems.

To ensure high levels of production main force, automated automation technology systems with high automatic detection systems and high efficiency are indispensable. Packaging industrial production is relatively light raw materials to reduce transportation costs, use unique design parts, system to reduce production and manufacturing time, and dealers, producers to show the overall goals of a variety of packaging work with at least materials. The process of packaging automation technology has been widely used, and the US packaging community tends to make many application information label stickers systems for obedience. Due to government departments, packaging commodities marked with nutrients, instructions, barcodes, so that label stickers system housing towards multi-purpose network development. American biologists develop a new upgrade integrated circuit chip detector that can measure my mildew times of a kind of food or a kind of drink. Such food quality inspection of new equipment, consists of sensors and scanning machines, and its kinetic energy is derived from the electromagnetic waves from the scanner, and the key raw materials of the sensor are lead. Place it in the food box when packaging food. When conducting inspections, the inspection staff only needs to point the scanner to the food to send electromagnetic waves. The electromagnetic wave signal from the scanner causes the food to vibrate, and the spectral sub-wave, the profile wave first reflects the inner wall of the food box, then Transfer to the sensor, according to the calibration of the vibration level, the transmission rate of the vibration transmission, and the transmission rate of the vibration transmission can be clear, and the test results are very accurate.

The packaging community is transforming from the transformation of customers, and the production and manufacturing tends to be diversified. As an example of food industry, because the Americans have now changed to multi-specific models, diversification, brand-grained, so that food manufacturing has been treated to develop and design more spiritual and mobile. Packaging online. The first two years of development and design a new packaging product is generally 2-3 years, now just half a year will make new products. This is fully proved that the US packaging industry is developing excellent varieties, new products, faster, short time. Because the packaging industry pursues perfect is the composition, simple, and moving packaging machinery, the packaging equipment producers will pay more attention to the development and design efficiency, multi-function, more small, and more flexible packaging machine equipment.





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