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The main content of the detection system in the automation control system

The main contents of the detection system in the automation technology control system:

Because the definition of automation technology begins with the first automated control system, the main research direction of the automated technology industry It is the basic theory of mechanical automation. A control system has been composed of sensors, control boards, electric actuators, and target targets. Scientific research on control systems is the scientific research on control system components.


The whole process test is an indispensable key step of completing the production process automation technology, improves the office environment, and enhancing labor efficiency. Performing everything, the main problem is to accurately test the main parameters of the test, and conversion becomes adjustment, the method of manipulating the device can be identified as the process management device resolved the production process.


In various system software in scientific research, most of the measured scales are non-electric power, the key has temperature, environmental humidity, working pressure, total flow , Level, component, relative density, force, strain force, offset, rate, instantaneous speed, vibration, etc. The measurement of electricity is relatively very easy, such as, current, operating voltage, inductance, output power, frequency, etc. Thus, the test of non-electricity consumption forms the basic content of non-destructive detection technology.


The composition and role of the automated technology detection system:


The key efficacy of the detection system depends on the measured various main parameters To indicate or manipulate, the general detection system contains the following parts: the sensor, measuring the power supply circuit, indicating or outputs a part.

1. Sensors

The sensor is another scalar that converts a wide variety of non-electricity (including scalar, organic chemical, soil water content), which is constrained to facilitate solving and transfer ( A device that is generally used. Generally, the sensor is generally referred to as a photosensitive resistor, inspection element, primary component, and the like. It is an important part of the detection system.


2. Measuring power supply circuit

The action of the measurement of the power supply is to perform the electron signal output from the sensor, linearize, filtrate, transform, and convert to a standard data signal output knot measurement chain. dash board. The general specification output data signal is a working voltage (1-5V, O-10V) or current amount (4-50mA, O-10mA).


From the rapid development of microelectronic information technology, a smart detection meter system software has occurred. It is the output of the measurement power supply circuit or immediately gives the output data signal of the sensor over the detection system, and the microcomputer is analyzed, distinguished, logically reasoning, resulting in the amount of manipulation, Or launch show. Because it is a micro-machine system software, the multi-function instrument also has memory, storage, analysis, statistical analysis and solving and self-diagnosis, self-calibration, response.


The output of the intelligent detection meter is the data quantity data signal, and it can also accept other instrument panels or analog signals sent by the electronic computer. In order to better join a variety of instrument panels together, make up a full intelligent automation technology, which specifies the multi-function instrumentation to communicate with other instrument panels or from other instrument panels or on-site electronic computers. Everyone calls this type of dashboard system software as a system bus control system.

3. Indications or outputs

indicates that a part of the detection system indicates that the observer indicates or outputs the measured value. This part contains indicating and printing a recording device, a data processing method device, and the like. Dynamic display can be a compass, digital explicit, and a display.



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