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Operation principle and advantages of intelligent palletizers in the automatic grain industry

Automatic food industry smart palletizing machine is a material that will be loaded into a paper box, a bag, a bucket, canned, can only be a standard object, according to certain sorting stacks on the tray to carry out automatic code The pallet, the pallet double layer, subsequently released, facilitating the next step or the electric forklift to the warehouse storage. Complete intelligent system management methods actually operate, reduce workers and reduce labor efficiency.

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The automatic palletizer machinery is widely used in chemical plants, food, fine feed, cereals, decorative building materials, etc., and has a certain volume of standard objects such as powder, granules or liquids. Automatic palletty.

The automatic palletizing machine can be divided into a softprint palletizing machine and a hard palletizer according to the product physics characteristics. According to the work environment, it can be divided into food industrial palletizing machines and non-food industry palletizers. According to the tray, it can be divided into trays and no palletizing machines. According to the rate, it is possible to divide a mortal palletizer and a low speed palletizer.

Organic fertilizer, wheat flour, concrete and other powders of the pallet, generally automatic weighing, packaging, surgical suture, is carried out. The material is automatically weighed by the electronic device weighing system, and the material is supplied into the packaging machinery and the packaging. The packaging materials have been reviewed for net weight, but the package will be fully automatically removed, and the provisions will be carried out. Barcode, plastic surgery, transportation, palletizing, coordinate, push or storage, all the whole process use electronic computer PLC to carry out management methods to complete the automation technology manufacturing of packaging production. Naturally, everyone will carry out production line design according to customers.


Our company’s production and processing of the fully automatic food industry intelligent palletizing machine, its overall design improved, posture stable and reliable. The whole process of the pallet is completely automatic, and everything is not necessary to manually control, and there is a universal application area. Key Hydraulic Control System, including programmable controller, DC variable frequency shift control board, limit switch, knob switch, etc. Both quality first-class goods, ensuring the stability and life of the system software hardware configuration. High quality hardware configuration and professional monitoring software are closely combined, complete the high-wide ratio of automation technology, sound safety chain, can show wreas for machine equipment and actual operation staff Protection.

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