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Three packaging methods of heat shrink packaging machine, sealer machine

According to different packaging methods, the heat shrinkable packaging machine is roughly divided into three packages:

1. At both ends open

heat shrinkage The packaging machine uses a cylindrical film or a flat film into the sleeve in the sleeve and then performs a heat shrinkage operation. After the package is completed, there is a narrowed opening at both ends of the packaging item.

(1) When using a cylindrical film, first open the opening of the cylindrical film and then push the product into the cylindrical film with the help of the chute, and then cut the film. This method is more suitable for packaging cylindrical objects such as batteries, scrolls, bottles and cans. The advantage of packaging with cylindrical film is to reduce 1 to 2 seam sealing steps, and appearance is beautiful. The disadvantage is that it is not possible to meet the requirements of product diversification, only for mass production of a single product. With a flat film wrapped, there are two methods to wrap their things with a single film and a double membrane. The film should be wide than the article. The upper layer and the lower film are wrapped in a double-layer flat film. When the current package is sealed and cut, the two-layer film is sealed, and then the product is processed or manually pushed to the vertical position, and the seal and shear mechanism will drop, and the other layer will be sealed and cut. After heat shrinking the product in the film in the film, the two ends of the package will shrink to form an elliptical opening. At this time, a single flat film is used first, and the flat film is first deployed, and then the packaged product is then sent into the middle of the flat film to form a horseshoe wrap, then heat seal and overlay.

Shrink packaging machine

2. Surrounding Sealed

Hot shrink packaging machine seals a flat film or cylindrical film wrapped product, and uses a lap Connector seal seam. Product packaging for need to be sealed.

The film can be folded with the L-shaped sealing method, and the film can be folded by the reel. Pull the film out of a certain length and place it at a horizontal position. The opening end can be opened by a mechanical or manual manual to push the product to the folded position. Flat can be packaged in a pillow bag. The method uses a single film, first sealing the longitudinal seam into a tubular shape, pushing the product into it, then sealing the lateral seam, and cuts it into a pillow package, or combing and bundling the ends of the tubular package.

The four-sided sealing packages of the double plane film are similar to the opening of both ends, and only the sealing device is equipped with a sealing device on both sides of the machine to complete the package. WITH is wrapped with a cylindrical film, and only the cylindrical film is passed, and then heat shrinks. The sealing machine is often a piercing needle. The puncture needle penetrates the exhaust holes on the film during the heat sealing process, and the small hole will usually close after heat shrinkage.

3. One end open


Tray shrink packaging is a typical example. First, the film is made into a square large bottom bag, and then the sack is placed from top to bottom on the stacked commodity tray, and then heat shrinks. Place the tray containing the product on the conveyor and covered with a shrink film. The belt is sent to the heat shrink passage and then complete the shrink package through the heat shrink channel. Its main feature is that the product can be bundled with a certain number of units, which will not be scattered during the transportation process, and can be set in open.



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