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Semi-automatic box opener (semi-automatic box opener operation video)

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What kind of equipment is needed to open a carton factory?


I think I can answer your question!


I make carton machines! We have been a carton factory for more than a year when we bought carton machinery!


The machinery required to start a basic carton factory is as follows:


Printing slotting machine: whether semi-automatic, manual or fully automatic printing machine


Price aspect

Manual is the cheapest, of course.

In terms of two colors

Manual operation should be less than 50,000 yuan.


Automatic is about 100000 yuan, the fully automatic price is not a new factory without background can demand!


Forming equipment: nail box machine, gluing box machine

It is also fully automatic and semi-automatic.


Price aspect

Nail box machine is relatively cheap, 1200 is about 4000-5000 yuan, according to not


Pricing the production cost of the same manufacturer. But the speed is not as fast as the box sticker, which is more expensive and is the price of the nail box machine.


Several times of, generally used for more exquisite packaging.


There are other equipment: such as die-cutting machine, the production of special-shaped cartons or small cartons, the processing accuracy is relatively high.

The covering machine covers the corrugated paper with a layer of color, and the small carton factory is mostly in the color printing factory.


Buy color noodle processing.


Laminating machine, cover the carton with a layer of transparent plastic film.

Paper separator, thin knife machine: cut incoming cardboard to the desired size.


Glue machine, the manual version of the cladding machine.


Paper feeder, printing machine foreground paper feeding, equivalent to fully automatic paper feeding, faster than manual.


Other devices are not introduced one by one. I hope I can help you.

In our experience,

If you are not 100% sure of the business, please get part of the business before you decide to open the factory.

There is a certain amount of liquidity, because not every manufacturer pays back money very quickly.

There is a workplace for stacking raw materials, finished products, and production land.

There are printing technicians, good technicians can greatly improve work efficiency, pasting speed and paper feeding speed, as well as the most important printing quality (when there is no mechanical problem, of course).

The carton factory has developed:

And the early stage of the carton factory is to find customers with price, slowly train customers, and stabilize customers with good service attitude and stable quality. After the technology and business are stable, customers can be screened. Customers with large supply, single variety and timely payback will be paid back in time and the customers with small quantity and complex style will gradually move to the back row or even give up.

Free training of technicians. Tianyu Printing Machinery. The contact information is on the upper left.

What is the box opener?

The automatic box opener automatically completes the opening, forming and folding of the bottom folded leaves. And now complete the lower part of the tape paste, the machine will automatically open the cardboard box board, the bottom of the box is converted according to a certain procedure, and sealed with tape and transported to the special equipment of the packing machine.

The main principle of the box opener: first, put the flat carton on the storage tank (which can store 100 cartons), suck the carton out of the trough through the sucker, shape the carton at the same time, fold the front and back and left and right covers, and finally complete the bottom sealing of the tape. The whole action is completed automatically.

Features of the opening machine equipment: vertical cardboard storage mode is adopted, which can be supplemented at any time without stopping; it is suitable for packaging of the same carton size at the same time, if the carton specification needs to be changed, it can be manually adjusted and used (the time required is only 1: 2 minutes); this machine adopts reasonable design, suction box, forming and bottom sealing are all handled automatically in one go. The machine performance is precise and durable, the operation process is non-vibration, the operation is stable and long life; this machine adopts PLC+ man-machine interface display screen control, high performance, high speed, high efficiency; carton sealing tape corner length 50~70mm, customizable 80mm, 100mm; can be used stand-alone or with automatic packaging assembly line.

Equipment parameters of box opener:

Work rate: single phase 220V, 50Hz/60Hz, 600W

Air pressure: 6 kg / square centimeter

Tape width: 4.8-6.0cm

Molding speed: 12 cases / min

Carton size: maximum size: L550mm W400mm H400mm

Minimum size: L200mm W150mm H100mm

Machine weight: about 400kg

With or without tape and no cardboard box alarm function

If you need more details, you can also click: automatic box opener (for reference)

What is a box opener?

The box opener, also known as the carton forming and bottom sealing machine, is a kind of special packaging equipment which can automatically complete the opening, forming, folding and transportation to the packing machine of the product in the process of production and packaging. it is an indispensable packaging equipment for automatic large-scale production in modern enterprises. Shanghai Zongyi Automation

This is the end of the introduction of the semi-automatic box opener. Thank you for taking the time to read the contents of this site. Don’t forget to look for more information about the semi-automatic box opener operation video and semi-automatic box opener.



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