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The difference between palletizing robots of automated palletizing manipulators

Automated palletizing robot’s palletizing robot difference

More and more robots are deployed In the palletizing application. In the simplest case, they are used to pick up a single package or aligned in the same manner to place them on the correct position on the layer.

The advantage of this solution is that the occupancy is small, and it is flexible to easily change the layer pattern from one product to another product, especially in the case of using a simple layer pattern. . Another advantage of mechanical stack is that a single pallet manipulator potentially assembles multiple pallets simultaneously. They can also assemble a hybrid tray, especially in the case of integrating visual systems in the solution. Potential disadvantages of picking and placement solutions are that cycle time limits may limit the speed to about 10 cycles per minute, depending on the pattern and product applicability of the layer. The safety protection and interlocking requirements of palletizing robots also increase the cost and floor area of ​​palletizing robot solutions.

Another use of palletizing robot in the palletizing is dynamically directed when the carton moves along the conveyor of the pattern toward the mechanical layer cleaning machine. These hybrid robots / traditional palletizers are widely used in high-speed beverage applications, and their operating speed can reach 80-120 boxes per minute. It has a double advantage of speed and flexibility.

The advantage of the robot palletizer is that the cost is lower than the robot palletizer, although their flexibility is small and often requires an increase in maintenance. However, due to their mechanical properties, they are easier to maintain than robotic solutions. For specific high speed applications with rigid, cube-based shapes, they can operate at very high speeds, up to 100 boxes or more per minute.

Flexible palletizing robot

Recently, collaborative palletizing robots (cooperative robots) are for use in pallets.

Operation method and conventional industrial machine of palletizing robotThe same, although their advantages require less safety protection and protection, thereby greatly reduces the footprint and cost. However, due to the low payload (

The capital cost of the palletizing robot is not equal, so it is necessary Very carefully considering the decision-making process for the factory to purchase the right technology. Experience

palletizing robot solution

Provide a process of providing you to complete the correct palletizing technology for your application.



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