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The rapid development of automated warehouse machinery and equipment

In recent years, in my country’s automation and information management levels continue to improve, integrating various smart products of information technology and automation technology, automated stereo warehouse is in it The symbolic machinery, which has become more common, especially in pharmaceutical, food, drinks, daily decline, mechanical equipment, cigarettes, etc.

With the popularization of automated stereo warehouses, it has become a key connection point in the enterprise logistics management system. When building an automated three-dimensional warehouse, the company must first establish a provision of enterprises to enter and export, transport, information resource management, and the actual operation maintenance and maintenance and maintenance and maintenance of staff. Get automated stereo warehouses requested by the enterprise itself, and complete work efficiency profits to maximize, and control costs.

The key to automated stereo warehouse is composed of shelves, roadmouth palletized lifting equipment, and out of the library operator and fully automatic transportation and actual operation automatic control system. In this, the shelf is a house building or building structure constructed of a steel frame structure or a concrete structure. The shelf is the standard size storage indoor space. The roadway prodioli is worn in the lane in the middle of the shelf, and the work of delivery in. In managed, automated stereo warehouses use WCS system software to operate.
Automated warehouse

Because information technology and automation techniques are selected, the automated stereo warehouse has four levels. Features:
The control system has a polymerization efficiency;

Fully automatic storage, improve working efficiency;

High-rise residential shelves storage, flexible use of indoor space resources;   Information content integration, convenient production and manufacturing operation. Can save footprint, large We will improve the cost of storage of high efficiency, reduce human costs, improve warehouse management, etc., and are favored by enterprises.

In other words, the effective overall planning to automate the stereo warehouse is important. As a dealer dedicated to a one-stop automated warehousing logistics solution, the automation of the high-tech technology of Tao High-tech includes intelligent three-dimensional warehouses, automatic express sorting system software and other intelligent logistics machine equipment, is committed to the customer Different regulations, presenting the one-stop warehousing logistics solution to the entry into the entry into the entry into the entry into the library, or the automated solution of individual phases, considering each supply chain management, such as picking, warehousing, supplement, picking, packaging Go to delivery.
Automation is the general trend of corporate logistics warehouse management, automated three-dimensional warehouse can greatly improve the productivity of enterprises, and companies can basically build in large and medium-sized construction in specific situations. Automated stereo warehouse, can also be based on the large-scale automated three-dimensional warehouse that must be basically constructed. Along with the increasing improvement of automation technology, the automation of three-dimensional warehouse applications will also become more and more wide.



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