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The trend of rapid development of palletizing manipulators in our country

In recent years, in my country’s manufacturing high-speed operational development trend, under the circumstances, the development trend of automation technology palletizing machine weapons and equipment will eventually, and many intelligent systems have high degree of intelligent system in the sales market. The palletizer smart robots are warmly welcomed by the sales market. For example, Suzhou Yanmao Intelligent Equipment (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.
created the pallet machine control, automatic operation; the undercarriage, the undercarriage, the indoor space, large production, integration into a variety of multi-dose type and bottle packaging, especially The products that are incorporated into the code shrink film packaging. The palletizing manipulator can be performed 6-layer code within every 2-5 minutes. At this stage, the products developed by corporate products covers all parts of the country, sold to South America, Europe, Non-state, Middle East, etc., product quality adopt service support, complete free maintenance during shelf life, life maintenance, it is very High credibility.

The palletizer is a paper box that has been put into the vessel, put it on a trailer, wooden, wood, plastic, to carry out automatic The code is released, the codewash is placed, and then it is released, which is convenient for electric forklift to the warehouse storage. This machine device selection PLC + touch screen PLC, complete the actual operation management method of intelligent system, simple, easy to grasp. Human capital and reduce labor efficiency can be greatly reduced. The palletizer is a belt bag, a paper box or other packaging product that is transported by a belt conveyor. It is fully automatically laminated in accordance with the working style of the customer’s processing process, and the raw materials of the finished raw materials are transported.

Improve the high efficiency of the factory

Although the palletizing robot cannot guarantee everything, some work is still necessary. However, in many industrial applications can improve the efficiency of work, especially in some repeatable work, the robot can work 24 hours, the company can only pay the water and electricity fee. And some work does not have to light the lamp system software, and it will be made black lamp, which will further reduce the cost of the factory. Also, the robot is not easy to feel the pressure, it is not easy to cause the job to become slower, do not have to learn training, the robot can work, and accelerateProduction rate. For some large and medium-sized components, the energy of human resources is not harmful, and the robot can easily carry out this daily task.

accompanied by the improvement of the living standards, everyone is more reluctant to work in this risk. . The application of palletizing technology has a significant advantage, and the palletizing manipulator does not have to excessively worry about the damage of the external environment. Since the product design has taken into account the environmental adaptability.

the development of palletizing robots

In addition, the palletty robot is taken to the daily task of people who are not happy to work, repeated posture or risks. For employees, it is a kind of happiness. They can put their focus on more tempting work. They will not be a hard work and complicated work, and employees can participate in some creative work, new projects. Instead of implementing these work that makes them feel exhausted.



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