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Which palletizer is right for your business?

No matter how small, low speed, low speed, or highly automated high-speed production enterprises, how effective, safe and safe to make pallets for products.

The intelligence of Yanmao is overview the factors to consider.

No matter the size of your manufacturing plant, The safety and efficiency of the end function of the production line is all heavy. Not surprising, there is no solution to all current and future applications.
So how do I choose a palletizer?
From the beginning of the rules, there are many factors to consider:

– What is your rule productivity?  – What form is your rule? (Box, tray / shrink, only paper tray, only shrink paper, is it ready to go?)
– How much is the rigidity of the bracket?   – How many different products do you want to stack on the same machine?
– How many carton sizes do you have?
– Do you want to insert a paper?  – How many free space do you have?
– How much extra capacity or flexibility in the future?
What is your budget?
There are a wide variety of potential  palletizing solutions
and techniques available. Is the robot a perfect solution? The traditional technical solution is more suitable for your factory environment or a hybrid robot / traditional palletizing machine?  What is the meaning of the high granules instead of the low-level solution?

High pallet  or  low position palletizing machine  height
The similarity of the high palletizing machine and the low-grade pallet is in that they form each layer of the pallet before placing the layer on the pallet.   The product is conveyed by the feed conveyor, turning to the correct direction and delivers forward to form a row. Then the completed a row of push into the layer formation area, which can be a slideboard, an open baffle or a robot chuck.
In the low position of the pallet, the layer is raised to the top of the pallet placed in part, referred to as upward accumulation.
For high palletizer, when the formed layer is stripped to the previous layer (downstack), the tray is lowered by layer (compared to the lower equipment), thereby obtaining faster throughput. .
The advantage of high palletizing machine is to have higher throughput, even greater than 10 layers per minute. Equivalent to 100 boxes of beer per box, the speed of each small box is much faster.
Their coverage area is also small because the formation area is located above the tray. The high pallet machine can also provide greater flexibility in the factory layout, for example, allowing forklift to move below the conveyor belt.  Due to the need for a platform, the high palletizing machine solution may be more expensive.  Low palletizers solutions are often easier to maintain. The forklift operator can also monitor the feed when removing or placing the pallet. The feed port of the low granite machine makes it very suitable for closely combining the automatic packing machine and the automatic sealing machine.
Typically, the low-level palletizing opportunity takes up more ground space because all tray infrastructure, box transportation and layer are formed at a hierarchy. The passage around the low timer machine often needs to cross the conveyor.



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