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A few precautions that must be seen when choosing a sealing machine

In recent years, more and more stores gradually apply sealing machine products, but although there are many sealing machine products on the sales market, choose a high quality and appropriate product. It is not a very easy thing, then what do you pay attention to when choosing a sealing machine?

First: The sealing specification of the sealing machine is different from the model specification of the sealing machine. After selecting a sealing machine relative to the sealing specification, you must adjust the height and general width to adjust the sealing machine to the secondary packaging line. This type of method is suitable for these sealing specifications that are not easy to change the secondary packaging line. In addition, a sealing machine that automatically regulates the height and the total width of the sealing box is called an automatic sealing machine, and its sealing height falls low before the sealing. The total width of the sealing is large. The universal small box pushes the sensor before the sealing machine, according to the magnetic induction of the sensor, the sealing machine automatically adjusts the sealing height and the general width of the sealing posture. Such an automatic sealing machine is suitable for the secondary packaging line with the sealing specifications when the sealing is sustained.

Second, incorporation in various fields
times: Select a sealing machine in accordance with its own sealing. The top of the sealing machine is in the top, the bottom sealing machine and the side sealing machine. The top and bottom sealing machine applications are relatively wide, and this type of sealing machine is applied in general. Such as: the bag packaging in the food company, the basic pharmaceutical outer packaging wooden box, etc. The cross-push-type loading method is suitable for selecting a side sealing machine, such as: a full box of Coke bottles in the beverage field, some carton-type packaging in food companies.

Third, after-sales maintenance service necessity
Overall: sealing machine is a key mechanical equipment in secondary packaging, the masses are choosing Be cautious, choose a famous brand with deep technical energy, and have all the quality or technologies after purchasing products.Sexual problems, they all show relative service items.
Rich has a separate product R & D center, more than 10 professional technicians who have experienced rich experience, and continue to improve products and new products. And configure a strong and technical professional market sales and after-sales service team to show you high quality automation technology packaging equipment, powerful service support and immediate after-sales maintenance services.




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