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Reduce the downtime of the assembly line packaging machine and bring maximum profit

In the packaging industry, it is a waste of time in anything other than packaging products. The higher the efficiency of mechanical continuing production, the higher profitability can be maintained. However, this is not always possible due to machine downtime. Since minimizing downtime can bring greater profits, use these techniques to maintain a full-weather package system.

Ensure employee aware of the application of pipeline packaging machine

Your employee is responsible for ensuring that everything is running, so they need to fully understand downtime and their costs to the company. When employees get clear communication from the manager, they will feel that they participate in decisions and more likely to take action to increase productivity. This means better machine repair and more product production, which minimizes downtime.

Packaging machine downtime cost

Keep the pipeline package machine repair and update

The less packaging machinery, the more faults, the more Not surprising. When solving the problem, each cardboard, breaks, and problems will cause downtime, thereby reducing your profitability. Regular preventive maintenance allows the machine to maintain smooth operation, so that this type of failure can be prevented. Measures should also be taken to ensure that all machines have the latest technologies and improvements.

to employee excitation

When everything goes well, do not use this type of effort to reward and motivate employees , Not punishing employees. This not only improves morale, but also makes employees work more effort, complies with instructions and motivate each other. The size and cost of incentive measures are different, but it is important to recognize their hard work. Therefore, your company will get more powerful profits.

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