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The modern control theory method of automatic technology packaging production line system

Conventional Control Theoretical Mode Frequency Capture and Multi-thread Ingestion
Narrative Method. The narrative of discrete system characteristics is the marketing promotion of linear system frequency characteristics in nonlinear systems. It is obtained after the output of the discrete system characteristics in the function of the sinusoidal AC data signal. It is a similar narrative for discrete system characteristics.    Phase Plasma. Phase planning is a method of appreciation according to a linear system time domain analysis method, and is the application and marketing promotion of time domain analysis methods in nonlinear systems.
Phase Planning Methods The full process of the system’s fitness exercise is described in the graph map (phase motion trajectory or phase motion track family). Phase planning can be used to analyze system stability problems (stability, limit ring, equalization point), and can be used for analysis time response, seeking constant, dynamic performance parameters. However, it is only possible to use a second-order nonlinear system, and cannot be used to advanced systems.

The method of automated technology packaging production line system contemporary control theory:

Li Yapopnov method
. Li Yapopnov method is based on time domain analysis, from the perspective of system fitness exercise, it must be considered in the perspective of kinetic energy, and look for Li Yapopnovs, to describe the changes in kinetic energy in the whole process of fitness exercise, and clarify the system The stability, smooth standards, in normal conditions, it can be considered in average stability of the cascade system, but in fact, because the complicated system is looking for Li Yapuovin, it is often difficult, making it a certain limit.    Electronic computer finds
. Using the simulation analog electronic computer and the numerous electronic computer, the mathematical analysis model of the nonlinear system, the original state, and the data signal are used, and the electronic computer can be used in a certain manner, and the complicated nonlinear system can be solved in a short period of time. In turn, the information content is essential for design systems.This approach has been widely used in the engineering project in this way because the spread of electronic computers and the rapid development of their software development.    Optimization Algorithm
In recent years, in order to consider the growing demanding provisions of the production process, many experts scholars will Intelligent ways to integrate the nonlinear system of intelligent robots, closely combine neural network, controller design with some new control systems, and generate intelligent system systems, especially the evolution of simulation of organisms, will Evolution measures are used to manipulate. This whole is a very development prospect of development, which is increasingly becoming a good network of hotspots.




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