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The working process of bag palletizing robot palletizing

The automatic palletizer is not only neat and beautiful, but also greatly improves the production efficiency, saving a lot of labor costs for the enterprise. It is a high-tech product developed by the modern industrial society. This has important implications for improving productivity and reducing costs.

Stacking refers to the bottom support at a specific position according to a certain specification and quantity, showing a regular distribution. Generally speaking, stacking is usually done manually, and the products are superimposed and layered, and there is one layer. Two, three, four, or even multi-layer stacking, but manual stacking takes a long time and requires more labor. In this case, our company produces automatic stacking layer equipment, which is called: Automatic palletizer.

The design of the bag-type automatic palletizer makes the stacking more compact and tidy. Its use can greatly reduce the number and labor intensity of workers.

The working process of bag palletizing robot palletizing

The working process of bag palletizing robot palletizing

In addition to being usable on common production lines, palletizers perform well in feed, fertilizer and flour mills. Its entire operation is carried out in accordance with a set of standard procedures to fully utilize its value. The following is the workflow of the bag palletizer. You might as well learn.
The installed product enters the conveyor belt. When reaching the entrance, there will be a photocell sensing device that senses and sends out a signal to enter the next link. According to the pre-set level requirements, the finished products are classified and driven and entered into the regular arrangement device.
In the face of a large number of product transportation and stacking, they only need to use the automatic palletizer to operate, and now the automatic palletizer can also adjust the stacking parameters according to the size of the goods, whether it is the distance between stacks or each stack of products. The quantity can be set through the adjustment button on the palletizer. Really accurate and efficient.

Bag palletizer is suitable for feed, food, grain, fertilizer, chemical, flour and other industries, such as mortar, putty powder, lime powder, sawdust, activated carbon, milk powder, fertilizer, urea, clay, gypsum, cement, plastic granules and other bags product. It can replace manual stacking, liberate labor, reduce labor costs, and realize automatic production in factories.
In addition to large chain institutions, some pharmaceutical companies, chemical companies or some daily chemical groups have improved the company’s transportation efficiency by using automatic palletizers, which directly brought a very favorable side to the company’s development. We also have reasons to believe that with the continuous updating of automatic palletizer production technology, it will bring more changes to the enterprise.



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